America’s leading companies are fostering growth in the communities in which they operate. Whether providing assistance to their employees and communities in times of need, working to revitalize local economies, or making environmental and economic sustainability a priority, the CEOs of America’s largest employers recognize the importance of supporting their local communities.


Promoting innovation and creating a more prosperous future for all requires investments to build communities and to help people and neighborhoods overcome challenges. Business Roundtable members have a history of supporting their communities, such as:

  • Leading comprehensive efforts to boost community development and economic revitalization;
  • Contributing supplies and supporting relief agencies when communities are affected by natural disasters or pandemics;
  • Engaging with the community through philanthropic initiatives while also supporting employee-led efforts to volunteer and give back; and
  • Investing in new, innovative methods of serving American employees and consumers in ways that limit environmental impacts and help promote safe and healthy communities.

See below for more examples of how leading companies are taking action in communities across the country and laying the groundwork for future prosperity.